“The rise of capitalist practice and morality brought with it a radical revision of how the commons are treated, and also of how they are conceived.”

From the tragedy of the commons to the majesty of the commons…

Emergence is a concept that is little understood, yet underlies nearly every aspect of our modern world.  Simply put, emergence is the behavior exhibited by a group of organisms, despite their individual intentions. For example, we might each maximize our family and individual comfort by driving cars everywhere we go rather than using mass transportation.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this. But the collective effect is exponentially greater CO2 emissions, fuel use, and material inputs.  The question becomes, if we are not going to alter our individual behavior, than what other behavior can we introduce on an individual or collective level to improve outcomes?  Emergent behavior manifests in social media, traffic, climate, the financial markets, health and wellness, politics, and even in the behavior of computer networks, AI, and energy.  Understanding emergence is essential to having a complete understanding of how the world works.

Episode Features

Dana Randall, PhD

ADVANCE Professor of Computing

Dana Randall is the ADVANCE Professor of Computing and adjust professor of mathematics at Georgia Tech with a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Your host

Your host

Pietro Boselli, PhD, is a mechanical engineer and teacher, specialising in Mathematical Modelling and Analysis.

He began modelling when he was discovered by Giorgi Armani at age 6, and since then has been featured by brands and magazines including GQ, Equinox Fitness, Emporio Armani EA7, Attitude, Vouge Hommes, Abercrombie & Fitch, and has been shot by photographers including Bruce Weber, Giampalo Sgura, and Ollie Ali.

Pietro’s interests in fitness led to his innovative YouTube strength training channel being viewed millions of times, and the launch of his own fitness-oriented fashion line Pietra Design.

A Facebook post by one his University of London engineering students went viral in 2015 and led to his being dubbed “the world’s sexiest math teacher”, to which Pietro replies, “I model the fluid thermodynamics of wet steam flow”.

Rational mind is the continuation of that philosophy: using the global platform he has been gifted to help millions of curious people discover more about how their world works, and how to think about it.

For RATIONAL MIND, Pietro chose to collaborate with ATOMIC ENTERTAINMENT, the Emmy-nominated creators & executive producers of BRAIN GAMES, BRAINCHILD and the WHO SMARTED? podcast. Pietro And Atomic's founders, Jerry Kolber and Adam Davis, all share the belief that critical thinking, science and enabling discovery are the keys to making the world a better place.

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